Mysterious Home: Our New Film Coming Soon

I am glad to introduce myself to be the owner of the UJI


Our movie studio has plans of launching a new film soon. This will be shot in and around the Boca Raton region of Florida. The film is named Mysterious Home and it will be a comical thriller. The cast of the film is under consideration. The cast may include the renowned artists or newcomers. The film will be made engaging for the audiences all over the world.

The film will focus on the incidents that happen in a home which is believed to be haunted for many years. The students of the criminal justice department make a visit to this home as a part of their project. The series of incidents that they face during the stay in the home will form the part of the film. The four students who take up the project will have a tough time in the home. Will they complete their project successfully? Is the home really haunted? What is the mystery behind the home? – forms the rest of the film. The film will have a new dimension in the genre of thriller. We have used the element of comedy along with the thriller, so this film will be a revolution in the history of thriller films. We have adopted a few concepts from the old thriller films. But we are pretty sure about delivering a new class of thriller film that will have a fresh approach. The film will also have a wonderful background music which will be scored by a new musician.


The shooting locations are varied and have been selected to suit the needs of a thriller film. We have plans of constructing a home that will be unique and unseen before. The locations in Boca Raton are ideal for our requirements. The film crew will include some of the new members who are very talented and promising. We want to provide opportunities of the budding artists and technicians. So we make sure to include the young technicians in our team.

We are looking for vacant homes that are for sale in Boca Raton as shooting locations.  We have identified a home in the Millpond Community as a potential location, but are also interested in other locations homes in Boca Raton.

Mysterious Home will have every element of a mysterious story like suspense, thrill, twists and turns that will make you sit in the edge of the seats. The shooting will start soon in the Boca Raton city of Florida. The shooting is scheduled for six months and the film should hit the theaters in another eight months from today. So look forward to a wonderful entertaining thriller movie soon!



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