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Travel Destinations

Here Are Top 10 Travel Destinations In 2019.

From the Middle East to Asia, 2019 top travel destinations should not only be fun places to go, but also finding a place that is kind to your pocket. Whether a person wants to cruise in Zanzibar or taste the Asian cuisines, it is best to know what are some of the top travel destinations that one needs to have on their list. Keep reading to know the list of some of the places that must be at the top of your list when looking for places to visit.

1.San Antonio Texas

If you have been craving some Mexican food, or Tex-Mex foods, it is the best place to go and get a taste of various cuisines. The place also has a lot of historic places to visit including San Fernando Cathedral which hosts nightly shows at no cost. 

2.Alberta, Canada

If you want to visit a beautiful place in the world, Alberta should be at the top of the list. It is a place with beautiful mountains, and the natural climatic condition is incredible even for travelers. Jasper’s rugged terrain should be enough reason to add Alberta into one of those places that an individual should have in their traveling list.

3.Alsace France

The region is in the foothill of Vosges Mountains and is known to produce some of the best wines in the world; therefore, if you are the type that loves wine, this is the place for you. Going to those place gives people the chance to visit some of the top wineries in the area, meaning that an individual could carry a few bottles home. There are private boats for luxurious visitors; therefore, if you have the money, do not hesitate to see the area by boat.


Since getting a liberal government, there have been more travelers from across the globe making their way into the country. There is even a world class hotel, meant for those travelers who want to have some good time when traveling. The countryside in Armenia is beautiful, somewhere one would want to dine in and take some incredible pictures. It is the one place where after visiting, one has a hard time leaving because of the beauty and the Armenian cuisine.


There are areas in Cambodia that have become more accessible than before with acres of and that have elephants, and other wild animals, since that is what they are used to calling home. In such a place, a guest has a chance of going on a guided hike tour and seeing not only the animals but the beautiful nature. If you do not feel like driving into that area, it is possible to zip line through a 1247 foot zip line, since the choice is all yours.


The country is famous because of the mummies bit; there is so much more to explore in that country. There is an opportunity to see the pyramids and other attractive and historic places in the country.

7.The Grand Canyon In United States

The fact that Grand Canyon is celebrating its 100 years in 2019 means that it should be in your destination planning diary. There will be a series of concerts, talks and special exhibitions and if one has never been in Grand Canyon, 2019 is your year. One can pick a family-friendly day whereby you can gather a couple of your family members to be a part of your tour.

8.The Grenadines

The Caribbean is still recovering from the devastating hurricane that hit the place last year but, it is still a good place to tour in 2019. It should be the time for someone to explore the island and see some of the beautiful places that were not fully destroyed by the hurricane or have been work in progress since then.

9.Hoi An Vietnam

It is one of the historical cities in Vietnam, and a beautiful city to visit. It has the intriguing blend of the new and the old making the place magical, more than one could ever imagine. The colorful city has matured over time, and it is a place you will not regret visiting.


Everyone wants to have a taste of the holy land, and Israel is the place to go when you want to connect with a couple of religious and cultural things. Israel in 2019 has new airports, roads, hotels and is s better place to visit and modern than it was before. You can easily connect to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv because there is a train and an airport, and it is also possible to visit other areas at ease.

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