Top Films About Long Term Care & Dementia

Films are a great way to tell a fascinating story relatable to everyday life. From scifi to films which detail life events as simple as aging and long-term care. Films provide a glimpse into everyday trials and tribulations and can provide a visual into what these event may look like. These films can be fictional but still provide real life examples or they can even be autobiographical and detail a very personal account almost spot on.

Films are a great way to tell a story both real and fiction. They even allow us to feel as if we are living through a specific scenario ourselves. We often watch films and find the we have learned something new on the subject of the film. While not all films are always true to life we can not that most films try to use realistic information or scenarios for verisimilitude. This means that filmmakers will often conduct extensive research on a subject before bringing it to life in film.

Dementia & Long term care

Films on dementia and long term care can provide a very real glimpse into what many of our futures may look like. We have watched many films which feature long term care patients or a character affected by dementia. This is another example of very real life being put into film. Although, we may focus more on the character’s love story versus more practical info such as the cost of their long term care or whether or not they used a hybrid long term care insurance policy to fund the care, it still provides real insights. These films can get us accustomed to these occurrences and also get us thinking about the finer details like hybrid ltc, without us even realizing it.

For example, perhaps you watched the Notebook and found yourself later researching types of long term care facilities, the cost of hybrid long term care , and the likelihood of dementia. Films have the power to do this & much more. Here is a list of popular films which detailed the natural progressions of aging, long term care, and/or dementia:

1. Notebook (2004)

2. Still Alice (2014)

3. Away from her (2007)

4. The Savages (2007)

5. A Song For Martin (2001)

6. Age Old Friends (1989)

7. Firefly Dreams (2001)

8. Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch (2001)

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