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What Are The World’s Most Enjoyable Movie Theaters.

Even though home theaters exist, people still want to go to a cinema and have some good time. The movie theatre experience is magical, and from time to time. People still want to experiment that. There is some adrenaline rush that people get watching movies in a room full of people that you do not know. Such experiences get better if one is watching a movie from an enjoyable movie theater, and some are better than others. Let’s take a look at some of those cool movie theatres worldwide.

1.     Cine Thisio In Athens Greece

The theatre, built in 1935 is one of the best places to watch both classical and current movies and what makes the experience fun is the fact that you watch from outside. That gives people a majestic and unforgettable view, which is an incredible place to be during the day and at night. The theatre is always open from April to October; therefore, one can check out the movies screening there and book your ticket.

2.     Kino International In Berlin Germany

It is a theatre located in the old block representing the remnants of the cold war. It was built in the place where Germany was split into two but, the design has not changed over the years, and has been used to hold festivals, parties, and premieres. Since it is a representation of heritage status, it means that there are no alterations that can be done, and watching a movie from such a place makes it exceptional.

3.     Cine De Chef Seoul, South Korea

If you have been looking for a place that will enable you to eat dinner and watch a movie, then you have found one in Seoul. These people serve their client’s real cuisine meals, so, what a perfect way to do two things in one sitting? The seats, designed exclusively for the theatre give people a chance to eat and watch the movie without any struggles, considering that the seats were made by the same people who make luxurious seats for the royal families. So you dine and watch movies like royalty.

4.     Secret Cinema

When a person is looking for once in a lifetime opportunity, this is the thing to go for because of the unique experience. The secret cinema is a London-based group that screen movies from anywhere and all that is expected is for an individual to register with them to know where the movie is showing.

5.     Raj Mandir Jaipur India

It might not be termed as one of the most luxurious theatres in the world but, watching a movie from such a theater is incredible. The movie tickets are affordable, and the place accommodates up to 1200 people in one sitting. It is the place where people can get the ultimate Bollywood experience and a perfect place to watch a movie.

6.     4dx Seoul South Korea

Remember when the 3D movies were the real deal? Well, technology has changed pretty fast as other advancements could make your movie experience enjoyable. In this movie house, one has the chance of smelling what is being viewed on the screen. A person also gets the chance to feel the wind and water effects from the movie. It is as if one has gone to an amusement park only that this time around an individual is watching everything from the screen. Crazy right? But, it is fun, and who does not want such an experience?

7.     Alamo Drafthouse-Texas United States

There is something that annoys you the most about going to a mobile theatre, which could be having the cell phone ringing from time to time, or kids talking in the theatre. If you want a place to seat, relax and enjoy your movie, Alamo Drafthouse is the place to be. It is one of those movie theaters that follow strict rules of not bringing kids who are kids than six years old and, implement a strict no talking policy.

8.     Hot Tube Cinema

It is a worldwide thing organized by a London-based group that screen some of the favorite movies, pick the right locations and include hot tubs. That becomes an enjoyable thing for people to do because there is no specific location and you might find yourself traveling the world and having some fun. 

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